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ICX Managed Services was founded in 2010 to provide strategic technology leadership and enterprise-level support to small and mid-enterprise organizations in Jacksonville, FL and beyond.

We help our clients improve organizational and individual efficiencies by leveraging a well-managed IT infrastructure, backed by enterprise-level tools and automation, along with expert support and advice from trained professionals. The expertise of our people, combined with the unique functionality of our network management and workflow platforms, ensures we deliver a fast, exceptionally reliable and exceedingly accountable service to our clients.

We take a customized, flexible approach to each client's IT needs. We can act as a client's entire IT department or supplement existing IT functions within the organization. Our mission is to reduce costs and business risks associated with outdated technology, maintenance, personnel succession, security, downtime, solution design and implementation, training and incident management.

ICX currently supports thousands of users with clients representing the following industries: Finance, Insurance, Legal, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Faith–Based Organizations, and Hospitality.

Thank you for considering ICX as part of your vital business operations team. We look forward to working with you!

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