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Check Out Our New Client Portal!

March 11th, 2020 by admin

We've recently transitioned ticketing systems into ConnectWise, and we have a brand-new client portal that is much more user-friendly. Here are some highlights of the new system and how ICX clients can get started using it for your organization!

Create a Ticket

To submit a ticket from the Tickets screen:

  1. Select the Submit a ticket tile from the Home screen or click Create new ticket from the Tickets screen.
  2. Select the type of request.
  3. Complete the form, then click Submit.

Look Up a Ticket

To look up a ticket:

  1. Select either the Open or Closed tab, then click the magnifying glass icon
User Interface showing how to create a new ticket
  1. Enter a search term or the ticket number, then press the [Enter] key.
  2. Click the ticket to open.
A list of pending ticket items

Open Tickets Tab

The Open tickets tab displays a list of all currently open tickets. Each list item provides the following information:

  • Ticket number.
  • Issue description.
  • Date and time of submission.
  • Contact on the ticket in ConnectWise Manage®. If it is changed in Manage, the updated contact is reflected here.

View Ticket Details

Click a ticket to view the following information:

  • Initial description of the issue.
  • Date and time of submission.
  • Contact on the ticket in Manage.
  • Ticket status.
  • Technician assigned to the ticket.

Update a Ticket

The Customer Portal allows users to quickly update a ticket's status and add notes or attachments to a ticket. Please note that text must be entered in order to update a ticket.

Change a Ticket Status

To change the ticket status, click the status. Select the new status from the drop-down, then click Save.

You can use the service board setup tables in Manage to select which statuses users can choose. Refer to Statuses Tab - Service Board Setup Table for more information.

Change the status of an existing ticket

Add Notes to a Ticket

You can also enter notes on the ticket from this screen. Type a message into the message box, then click Send.

Attach a File to a Ticket

To attach a file to your message, click the paperclip icon in the message box. All file types are supported. There is no file size limit for On-Premises partners; you can attach any size file, provided you have enough free space on the disk. Cloud partners have no file size limit, but there is a 30 second time limit for uploads.

An example of a ticket

When you're ready to start using the new ConnectWise client portal for your organization's tech support tickets simply email us a request to get setup at support@icxmsp.com.

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