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Find ICX on the Jacksonville Business Journal Again in June with Two New Articles

June 2nd, 2021 by admin

If you've recovered from the excitement after our first two articles on the Jacksonville Business Journal that published online in May, hold onto your hats because we have two NEW articles just published for June! This month we covered:

Businessman's hand touching the polygonal shape of an artificial intelligence with various social icons

How to unlock new business potential with scalable unified communications

Crafted by CEO Bill Woody, this article tackles the need for omnipresent communications capabilities in business today. With employees in the office or out, you need a smart way to access them, transfer calls, share data, and collaborate. And while all that sounds complicated and expensive, there are solutions out there that make it anything but. Read the Full Article now to learn more!

A silver cloud with a keyhole in it

The hidden dangers of your cloud data

Written by ICX's COO Justin Kane, this article exposes the dangers of public and private cloud data storage without a backup solution. Most businesses today house their data in some type of public or private cloud, whether it is inside Microsoft 365 or another SaaS application, it is a common business practice. As organizations increasingly move data into cloud-based applications, many believe that traditional best practices, such as data backup and managed cybersecurity, are outdated. After all, SaaS applications are always available, accessible from anywhere, and highly redundant, so why is backup necessary? Find out in the Full Article now!

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