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Hot Summer Technology Tips

June 16th, 2021 by admin

Summer engraved on the sand

As you and your employees venture out on summer travel, keep these tips in mind to protect your cybersecurity and device’s physical condition from the hot summer days. No matter where you may roam, these simple steps will help your devices stay safe.

Protecting Your Devices in the Heat:

  • Do not leave any devices in direct sunlight and be sure to cover outdoor TVs to protect from potential dust storms, monsoons, and intense sun rays.
  • Be careful not to let your smart phone and other devices get too hot during the summer because it can damage the battery life. If you are at the pool, make sure your phone is stored somewhere cool, or at least out of direct sunlight. If your device does happen to overheat, simply store it somewhere with lower temperatures and let your device cool down before using it again.
  • Do not leave your gadgets in the car, it can create an oven-like environment. If you absolutely must leave your technology in the car, be sure to park in the shade and crack the car windows.

When Traveling with Technology:

  • Pack a separate travel bag to keep track of all your chargers and cords organized.
  • Make sure everything is backed up on your phone and laptop before traveling to avoid valuable information being lost.
  • Be sure to turn on the find my iPhone settings on your phone in case your phone gets stolen while traveling and you will be able to track its location.

When at the Beach (Because who isn’t guilty of checking work email at the beach?):

  • The best solution for taking your devices to the beach is making sure they have a case on that can protect from water and sand.
  • If sand does happen to get stuck inside your device, do not rub it with a towel. Instead, wait and use a canister of compressed air to blow away debris.

Security Tips for Summer:

Enable Security Features to Protect your devices and turn on “Find My Phone”: Misplacing or having your devices stolen can put a damper on vacation plans. It can easily happen to anyone.

  • Set up the “find my phone” feature on your devices. This will allow you to find, remotely wipe data and/or disable the device if it gets into the wrong hands.
  • Make sure all devices are password protected. Use a passcode or security feature (like a finger swipe) to lock your phone or mobile device in case either are misplaced or stolen.
  • Get Wise About Public Wi-Fi: Using public Wi-Fi at the airport or hotel is very convenient, but public wireless networks and hotspots are not secure. This means that anyone using the same Wi-Fi network could potentially see what you are doing on your laptop or smartphone while you are connected.

How to protect company data on public Wi-Fi:

  • Limit what you do on public Wi-Fi and avoid logging in to accounts that have sensitive information such as banking and email.
  • Consider using a trusted virtual private network (VPN) or a personal/mobile hotspot if you need a more secure connection.
  • Set your device settings to ask permission before connecting to a Wi-Fi network.
  • It is important to remember that laptops, phones, and tablets should never be left unattended. Ensure your devices are always with you. If you are staying in a hotel, the best thing to do is lock them in a safe. If a safe is not available, lock them in your luggage. And, while family fun is the goal, a recent study indicates that 92 percent of respondents admit to doing some work on dedicated leisure vacations. If you visit the hotel’s business center, avoid using public equipment – such as phones, computers, and fax machines – for sensitive communication.

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