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How Server Virtualization Minimizes IT Downtime

December 16th, 2020 by admin

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When your server goes down, so does your productivity. We work with leading remote management and monitoring provider Datto to make sure our clients have the fastest downtime recovery anywhere by using server virtualization. Server virtualization is a server resource management method that splits up one physical server into many virtual machines. It is governed by specialized software called a hypervisor. Server virtualization improves server hardware usage while reducing cost and complexity. What this means for you is a lower costs and faster recovery, so you’re up and running when your customers need you.

Today, most 64-bit servers are virtualized, giving organizations the ability to make a single physical server function like multiple virtual machines (VM). Hypervisor software, such as VMware or Microsoft Hyper V, gives IT administrators the flexibility of allocating server resources such as CPU and memory to a VM dynamically. It also enables administrators to move VMs amongst hosts.

Datto SIRIS is an all in one BCDR solution that uses server virtualization to restore clients' business operations rapidly. SIRIS is a complete solution—local and cloud BCDR backed by 24x7x365 single-vendor support. This feature is known as Instant Virtualization.

It enables ICX to quickly boot a recovery VM from a backup for our clients. The recovery VM is typically used for a short time while the primary server is recovered. This ensures that end-user productivity is minimally impacted, optimizing recovery time objective (RTO) to minimize downtime and its associated costs.

Any Datto SIRIS backup can be utilized to create the recovery VM, either locally or in the Datto Cloud. In other words, ICX can utilize either the most current backup or one of any previous backups. This gives flexibility around recovery point objectives (RPO) and allows MSPs to select a “clean” backup image to restore from. This is particularly important for ransomware recovery.

How a Virtual Service Lowers Downtime

In a world where reliance on technology is only increasing, ICX is focused on ensuring our clients’ data always stays safe. We all know mistakes happen, and even a few minutes of downtime can be costly for some small businesses. And the fact is, data disasters come in all forms. From human error, to cyber-attacks and even hardware failure, it’s important to be prepared for the worst. This is where a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution comes into play.

If a server goes down, ICX's solution can ensure the business keeps running, and downtime costs are minimized. When a physical server or virtual machine (VM) is corrupted or unavailable, it can be instantly recovered. Instant Virtualization enables you to both virtualize on the appliance itself or in our secure cloud. You can even execute this process remotely via our cloud management portal. This enables ICX to remotely manage our clients’ BCDR appliances and enact server virtualization in a matter of minutes.

If downtime is a concern, as it is with most businesses today, request a consultation, and we can walk you through the perks of virtual network infrastructure to make sure you’re always on when your customers need you.

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