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ICX Articles Featured on the Jacksonville Business Journal!

May 12th, 2021 by admin

While we love blogging to share knowledge and news, we are thrilled to contribute some articles over the next few months to the Jacksonville Business Journal to reach a wider audience. Under the Thought Leadership section of the Jax Business Journal website, you'll find our Secure IT content hub featuring two new articles that are available right now! We plan to cover a variety of important topics over the next few months.

A word cloud with cyber security terms, with a gray overlay that says 'Cyber Breach Liability'

Our first two topics are:

5 ways small businesses can reduce cyber risk liability

Crafted by Justin Kane ICX's COO, this article focuses on the fact that ‘how’ businesses utilize technology has changed, and these changes have opened many businesses to hidden cyber risk liabilities. A good managed services provider or (MSP) will work with business owners to help them adapt to these changes to work safely, effectively, and efficiently while minimizing the potential financial risk and liability of online data exposure. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the quick adaption of technology and finding gaps they can exploit. Managed IT service providers often partner with these businesses to monitor your systems, apply patches, protect against viruses, ensure backups are performed successfully, and more. Read the full article to learn the latest stats on the threat landscape and some tips to cover your cyber risk liability. As a local managed services provider, ICX Managed Services works with clients to evaluate their cyber risks and help them mitigate potential liability exposure wherever possible. Watch a webinar with the CEO of Techrug, a local cyber liability insurance provider, that explains the ins and outs of this critical coverage for businesses even better!

Time for a Network Upgrade? Do it with Technology as a Service!

How technology as a service streamlines IT needs for growing businesses

Written by ICX's CEO Bill Woody, this piece focuses on the common business struggle of constantly depreciating technology. Faced with competing financial demands, savvy business leaders are always hunting for ways to conserve cash while cutting expenses. Unfortunately, one of the low areas on the totem pole tends to be server and computer upgrades, particularly if everything seems to be working at the time. But choosing to hold onto aging hardware, software, and peripherals for too long is a risky business proposition that could end in disaster. What many business owners do not realize is that holding onto old technology is costing more in terms of security risks, lack of customer confidence, lower productivity, and increased maintenance costs required to keep old devices running past their best life span. Read the full article now to learn some simple ways the right managed services provider can streamline your IT expenses and keep you in the latest computers, networking equipment, and peripherals you need. Compare the cost of technology as a service for new computers or networking equipment now by requesting more information from ICX Managed Services.

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