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Is Your Organization Ready for Managed IT Services? 5 Signs That Say 'Yes'

March 28th, 2017 by admin

Computer systems are arguably the most important tools today in nearly every business on the planet; you really can’t operate without them. They’re far too critical, in fact, to leave the required ongoing management to anyone but an IT expert. Many businesses have full-time technology professionals to do just that – but what if you just aren’t able to commit full-time resources to your IT needs? Many organizations enlist a person within the company to address problems when they arise, but in most cases that person isn’t an IT expert. If this sounds like your organization, you just might benefit from Managed IT Services.

Managed IT is a service provided to small to medium sized businesses that choose to contract with Managed IT Service providers like the Gordon Flesch Company to manage their organization’s software and hardware, including servers, as well as other important components and network operations.

How do you know if Managed IT Services would make sense for your organization? Here are some telltale signs that will tell you whether it’s a practical move for your company.

1. You Don't Have A Dedicated Person Or Team On Staff To Support Your Needs

Every computer and every system needs regular software, hardware and security updates, backups, performance checks, troubleshooting and general maintenance. If your go-to person to get these important steps accomplished is someone within the company whose job is not officially as your IT expert (or if these steps aren’t being done at all), you probably need to consider using Managed IT Services. With Managed IT, all updates and other necessary performance measures are done proactively, not just when there’s a problem. And, when problems do arise, a Managed IT provider is put to work immediately on the issue; no worries about disrupting their “real” job or wondering when they’ll be back from vacation!

2. You Experience Loss Of Productivity Due To Computer Or Network Issues

Every organization has issues with its computers and related equipment, but when you enlist the help of a Managed IT Services provider you have peace of mind knowing that systems are optimized automatically and regularly; that the provider is proactively identifying equipment nearing the end of its lifecycle; that instant off-site data recovery means no time or effort searching for “lost” files, among other things. Not only that, but internet connections and speed, printer functionality and other important operations are monitored 24/7 to ensure your business runs at optimum performance.

3. You Can't Keep Your Systems Or Technology Processes Up To Date

Struggling to keep things up to date with the protocols, software or hardware that’s best for your organization? Even if you have someone on staff who’s good at “tinkering” with computers, he or she probably does not have the time to research the latest tools and innovations and identify those that make sense for businesses like yours. Managed IT professionals are focused only on the smooth operation of your systems today…and what valuable tools you might be able to take advantage of tomorrow to ensure continual growth.

4. You're Reactive – Not Proactive – About Your IT Situation

If you view computers and your network as something that’s not a priority – you’ll deal with things as they happen – you’re not properly positioning your organization strategically. Managed IT providers manage today and plan for tomorrow, ensuring that every move and every investment make sense for your long-term business goals. Your IT needs are their priority, every day.

5. You're Not Confident About The Security Of Your Sensitive Data

Do you know how (and how often) your important data is being backed up? Do you know what plans are in place to recover from outages caused by ransomware, viruses, human error or natural disasters? Cyber threats are becoming increasingly more common, yet most organizations take a “fingers crossed” approach to securing their networks and mitigating risks. Managed IT providers evaluate your system, processes and data to determine the most effective security measures, then monitor them 24/7 to ensure optimum protection is in place at all times.

What’s one of the best ways to tell you’re ready for Managed IT Services? If just thinking about the integrity of your system is stressful, it’s probably time to turn over the responsibility for optimum IT performance across your organization to the experts at the Gordon Flesch Company. Our team of IT professionals helps ensure productivity and the security of your system, reducing downtime and the risk of system failure in the process. The best part is that Managed IT is an affordable investment provided with a fixed cost approach, and one that can be customized to take into account the specific needs of your business.

Want to learn more about the advantages of Managed IT Services with a dedicated provider like the Gordon Flesch Company? Download our free Traditional IT vs. Managed IT Comparison Chart.

Source: https://www.gflesch.com/blog/5-signs-your-organization-may-be-ready-for-managed-it-services

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