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Meet the Team | Alexandria Burgess

April 28th, 2021 by admin

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A newer member of the ICX tech support team is Alexandria Burgess who started with ICX this past October. As a Service Desk Dispatcher, Alexandria works to monitor client metrics, handles trouble shooting calls, schedules service desk tickets for higher level technicians and provides guidance on escalations. Alexandria has five years of hardware repair and software troubleshooting experience and says, "I became a technician almost immediately after college graduation, and I always loved the steadiness of the workflow and the problem-solving skills required for each task. Even now, that is exactly why I thrive in this environment." She got started in IT managed services when she became a Technical Systems Operator for a middle school in Virginia, before relocating to Florida.

Fun facts:

  • Alexandria is a prolific writer with fifteen years of writing and editing experience and enjoys penning fiction novels.
  • She is an avid animal researcher with more than twenty years of experience working with animals. She specializes in researching their nutrition, habitat requirements, and best practices for enriching their lives.
  • Enjoys reading.
  • Trains horses and worked at HAWKE Wildlife Rehabilitation where she cared for a variety of animals including horses, owls, hawks, and more.

Alexandria lives in St. Augustine with her family and seven ferrets and two lizards. In her spare time, she works with a herd of horses and is writing her next novel! Additionally, Alexandria is constantly learning in the IT sphere and looking for opportunities to gain more knowledge to become an even more valuable member of the team. She often shadows higher level technicians and does research to help resolve more complex problems for clients. Furthermore, she has specific experience in Microsoft 7, 10, and Office with Active Directory and troubleshooting experience as well. Rest assured when you reach out for tech support and get Alexandria, you are in good hands!

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