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Meet the Team | Jud Gartner, Helpdesk Guru

May 19th, 2021 by admin

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Another important member of our tenured tech support team is Jud Gartner who works as a Tier 3 Technician and handles a variety of higher-level client issues. Jud has been in technology since graduating college in 2008 where he started in crime prevention security systems with Lead Operator. From there Jud worked as a Program Assistant at the University of Florida before joining Venture Pointe, Inc. as a Helpdesk Technician. Jud joined ICX Managed Services in 2016 and has served in multiple roles including Service Desk Manager. Today, Jud provides invaluable client support on workstation, cybersecurity, and network issues.

Jud holds an A.S. Network Service Technician degree from Santa Fe College and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Florida. “Working for ICX has been a joy and certainly during this pandemic the flexibility of remote work has been greatly appreciated. The learning opportunities with the company are expansive and my growth within the last five years certainly portends a bright future.” A self-proclaimed “nerd,” Jud enjoys trading cards and table-top roleplaying games in his spare time, along with his passion hobby building custom PC gaming rigs. It was that interest in building computers that sparked his interest in technology and has led him down the path to an information technology career. Jud aspires to become a Network Administrator someday and continues to pursue certifications and continuing education towards that goal. Jud lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wonderful wife Katie and their three kids who are all under the age of six. Jud jokes that, “My kids have prepared me to deal with any cranky customers and vendors.” Connect with Jud on LinkedIn!

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