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March 23rd, 2018 by admin

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It's 2pm on a Friday, the finish line is within your sights. You are imagining that lazy Saturday morning you have been longing for since Wednesday, when your computer crashes! That proposal you were working on for a big client...gone, there goes your hope of a relaxing weekend. Instead, you may be having a weekend full of worry about what was lost and how much business this is going to cost you. This doesn't have to be your Friday (or weekend) if you take advantage of ICX's service desk solution.

Our certified service technicians are continuously updating their training and are there to help with even the most complex of problems. What's more, because our Service Desk is an extension of our Remote Management and Monitoring platform, we may already be working on your issue by the time you place your call.

You should be focusing on the day to day and growing your business, let us focus on any technical problems you might encounter along the way!

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