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Set Up Your Remote Workers for Success and Security

April 8th, 2020 by admin

Remote workforce tools: Cloud Hosted Solutions, Antivirus Protection, ICX Remote Management and Monitoring, Dark Web Monitoring and Alerts

While everyone scrambled over the last few weeks to get laptops and send in-office employees to work from home, a few essential tools may have been overlooked in the process. Many small business owners may not realize that the network and PC monitoring tools they had set up in the office may not translate to monitoring and securing your employee’s devices from home. A variety of cloud-hosted tools, antivirus protection, remote management and monitoring, and dark web monitoring and alerts should be installed on your remote devices to ensure business continuity and security. Let’s explore the remote management and monitoring tools that will help your remote/dispersed business remain secure and prosperous.

Remote management and monitoring tools help our tech support team remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks, and computers. This is also now known as or referred to as remote IT management.

When our ICX's Remote Management and Monitoring detects a problem on a machine it is monitoring, an alert (or "ticket") is created and sent to the ICX help desk, prompting them to take whatever action is needed to resolve the problem. These tickets are often classified based on severity, problem type, etc., helping us prioritize and identify critical vs. non-critical issues. In many scenarios, ICX can identify and solve issues before the client even realizes there’s a problem.

Main Functions of ICX's Remote Management & Monitoring:

  • Gather information about client software, hardware, and networks
  • Supplies ICX with activity reports and data to keep us updated on your device's productivity and vulnerabilities
  • Automatically creates appropriate alerts and tickets when problems arise
  • Tracks network and device health
  • Monitors multiple endpoints simultaneously
  • Runs automatically scheduled maintenance tasks

Benefits of ICX's Remote Management and Monitoring

  • SMBs can enjoy enterprise-level automation and monitoring
  • Issues are detected before they become major problems and avoid system failure
  • ICX can decrease on-site visits or sending in laptops for repair and the associated costs
  • Clients pay a fixed monthly price to keep their IT up and running
  • Fixed pricing means no surprises for the client
  • Optimal network stability is achieved through this proactive maintenance
  • End-users enjoy increased uptime without disruption during servicing – this is especially important while employees work remotely!
  • The life of devices can be extended with improved performance, which means less device turnover

Request a quote to arm your remote workforce with the right tools for their new reality. Email support@icxmsp.com now!

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