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Smart Business Tech Tips for Fall

October 6th, 2021 by admin

Fall Tech Tips from ICX

Technology can make our lives easy and convenient, but you need to be at least a little savvy. Here are some smart simple tech tips for the fall:

Make relevant updates. Smart phone and PC operating systems update every few months, and updating can do wonders for your phone or computer’s productivity. Check to see if your device is due for a system update in the Settings menu of your phone or computer. Maintaining an up-to-date operating system will keep your data secure and your device running smoothly.

Change your passwords. Yes, really. Changing the passwords for all your accounts can be daunting, but it's imperative to change them periodically for your safety. Keep passwords in a safe, secure password keeper to make the process less overwhelming.

Out with the old. Delete or archive unused documents and emails to help your computer run faster and more efficiently. This can apply to smart phone and tablet apps, as well. Archiving old data can also save your company money by lowering the amount of active storage space your email system requires.

Clean up your cloud storage. Most businesses use the cloud for daily data retrieval and/or as a backup solution. But it's like your grandma's attic, it can get cluttered and when it does, it becomes hard for your team to find and access what they need. So, reorganize and archive old files at least every six months.

Back up your data. We never remember to back up our information until it's already gone. Pick up an external hard drive or request a quote for one of our custom, automated backup solutions in case of a tech emergency!

Check settings location-based apps. The information you enter on location-based services can reveal a lot of private information. Be sure to change your privacy settings if you have the option.

Get a backup battery. App usage can drain battery power on mobile devices, especially our phones. If you find yourself relying on apps, make sure you have a backup battery in case the other one runs out of juice. The same goes for your on-site hardware like servers- always have them on a backup battery in case a long-term power outage rolls through.

Consider a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Think about a CRM system to help ensure you understand your customers better and capitalize on sales opportunities. It will help you centralize all customer information, give customers more personalized service and follow up properly with prospects. Intrigued? Read our blog about how to win more business with cloud-based services now.

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