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Technology Consulting Perks – Your Virtual CIO

July 24th, 2019 by admin

ICX Managed Services helps clients improve organizational and individual performance by leveraging a well-managed IT infrastructure, backed up by expert IT support and advice. This often means we consult on larger IT upgrade projects or help solve workflow challenges acting as your virtual CIO to strategize, plan, and help you implement changes as your business needs evolve over time and with expansion.

Business needs cycle: Adapt, Consult, Design, Deploy, Manage

Our engineers are experienced in the selection, design, and implementation of many different technologies, including phone systems, to take your two-person team to a call center of fifty in no time. The computer network is the backbone of every organization, both small and large. It is the pipeline of productivity that drives business success. ICX has qualified engineers available to design LAN and WAN-based networks with key deployment strategies that assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Many businesses first become aware of an IT problem when their network crashes. Responding to the disaster is a long, costly process. Instead of waiting for the situation to spiral out of control before calling for help, many businesses sign-up for ICX’s proactive managed services. Our team of IT experts monitors and resolves system errors before they interrupt your day-to-day operations. Proactive managed services are a multi-pronged approach to keeping your network running by taking care of your entire IT infrastructure.

Virtual CIO Perks

  1. Experience complete control over your business technology without having to manage an IT department. This gives you the time you need to focus on your business functions.
  2. Enjoy a decrease in technology risks when starting a new project. With managed IT, your company doesn’t have to worry about repairing, implementing, or replacing technology solutions as your business evolves to meet changing needs.
  3. Reduce downtime and enjoy access to secured and up-to-date technology solutions without having to invest in expensive equipment.
  4. Reduce stress and improve the efficiency of your team. Allow your staff to focus on tasks that are productive for the business.
  5. Gain the expertise of a specialist, without having to spend time and financial resources training staff to become experts.
ICX product offerings

The professionalism of our people, combined with the unique functionality of our network management and workflow platform, ensures that we deliver a fast, exceptionally reliable, and unusually accountable service to our clients.

Have a new project in mind? Give us a call, fill out our contact form or email info@icxmsp.com to get started today.

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