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The Benefits of Excellent Network Maintenance

November 6th, 2019 by admin

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As discussed in last week’s blog, Why All Networks Require Maintenance, it is clear how important consistent on-going network maintenance is to your businesses’ security and productivity. Good network maintenance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg but it should be comprehensive. When done right, businesses will enjoy better productivity (faster speeds) and no down-time as well as cost-savings since that network equipment is quite an investment! Not to mention enhanced security and data protection. Let’s dive into the details on the real benefits of excellent network maintenance.

By ensuring you have proper maintenance on all your vital network equipment, you’ll enjoy:

Enhanced productivity and no down-time

Computer networks require regular maintenance to perform at their peak. A solid network monitoring and maintenance plan will ensure that all the critical aspects of the network are monitored for potential faults on a regular basis. Some of the key areas of the network that require regular monitoring and maintenance include:

  • The system’s logs
  • Antivirus system
  • Hard drives

A sound maintenance plan will make your business strong enough to overcome any anticipated situations which in turn will reduce outage incidents.

A proactive network monitoring and maintenance service will result in a feeling of security and offer peace of mind. The service provider also benefits by not getting negligible complaints against the machines since they are regularly monitored and maintained at a pre-set interval. Equally important, your customers and suppliers will trust your business more, which is important in a competitive business environment when people are counting on you!

Cost savings

Waiting to hire a network support company when the entire system is down might be very costly to your business in many ways. First, you will lose countless business hours during this downtime. Next, you will end up paying a very high one-time service fee since the provider will have to extensively diagnose the network and check all equipment. In addition, fixing an already substantially damaged system can really drain your resources when compared to a scheduled maintenance plan that will head off issues before they escalate. With a sound maintenance plan, the network maintenance provider will design a monthly package that suits your specific business needs. Request a custom quote for your network maintenance needs today!

Optimized connectivity

Having computers in a network is key to fluid productivity and allowing business users to collaborate and share information. However, data is constantly in transit whenever users access resources in other computers, depending on your network’s layout and the number of actively working computers, the time it takes to retrieve data may vary. A well-maintained network ensures that your connectivity is optimized thus making it easy for your employees and customers to access data and other resources without too much waiting.

Enhanced security

Poorly maintained networks usually get compromised on many security features making them more vulnerable to virus, phishing, and Trojan attacks, as well as remote hacking whenever the network is connected to the internet. However, a network monitoring and maintenance plan ensures that both the performance and security of the network are constantly being monitored. The last thing you want from your business is bad publicity and the lawsuits that come with a compromised business network system.

Better, faster recovery

A damage or data loss in one of the systems in the network can result in a huge loss and may even paralyze operations across the entire network. Repairing the damage can also be a major challenge if you do not have any network solutions. Not only does a network monitoring and maintenance plan prevent such problems, but it also provides backup storage that will be essential in repairing and restoring virtually any system in the network.

Every business does have some form of networking infrastructure that handles its daily operations. As with every system, there will be downtimes or even breakdowns which can interfere with the normal business operations. Fortunately, outsourced network services are faster becoming an appropriate alternative for professional and reliable business network monitoring and maintenance.

Be vigilant

Our final suggestion on how to reduce network outages and how to maintain a network efficiently is to consistently monitor your network – both with people and automated systems. Sometimes, you won’t be able to stop an outage. It’ll happen due to natural disasters, a plug that gets pulled out when someone trips over it or when a hacker decides to make you their target. Vigilance is the right path to keep everything secure.

Vigilance also helps you determine when parts of your network need to be replaced or repaired. Pairing that with a comprehensive coverage and repair platform that isn’t limited by OEMs or parts makers will ensure that your network stays up longer and bounces back faster if something ever goes wrong. Be proactive and preventative with a robust maintenance package.

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