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The Immediate Impacts of Failing to Upgrade to Windows 10 Now!

November 13th, 2019 by admin

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For those of you on the fence about when to upgrade your operating systems off Windows 7 to Windows 10, this blog is for you!

There are many additional consequences, aside from security, that will impact your day-to-day use of your computers if you do not upgrade to Window 10 by the deadline. For example, OneDrive for Windows 10 has a built-in feature called ‘Files on Demand’ that saves space on the local drive. Files only download when you choose to open them. Windows 7 doesn’t support that feature. Much like Windows XP’s phase-out, there are many out there that won’t want to convert from 7 to 10 despite the necessity. But, if you’re thinking of a OneDrive migration for example, make sure you’re fully converted to Windows 10 first otherwise you’ll miss out on some of the key functionality. And here is the main takeaway, in most of the things that really matter—speed, security, interface ease, compatibility, and software tools—Windows 10 is a massive improvement over its predecessors.

Windows 10 Business Features You Don’t Want to Miss

  • OneDrive On-demand Syncing – OneDrive lets you keep files in the cloud without taking up space on your local storage, with the ‘Files on Demand’ option. It looks like a regular folder on your desktop and can sync operating system choices like desktop background. With Windows 10, OneDrive files are accessible in your web browser as well as in iOS and Android apps. OneDrive also lets you retrieve any files from your PC remotely—if your PC is on. And lastly, you can have the Office apps save continuously and be available to any of your other PCs and devices wherever you are.

  • Voice Typing – Simply press ‘Windows Key-H’ (for "hear") and your PC starts typing what you say—no complicated setup required. Read more on how to type with your voice here.

  • Dark Mode is Easier on the Eyes – Dark mode has made its way to most Windows interfaces, and in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Microsoft also added a lighter mode as well. Navigate to Settings > Personalization > Colors. Under "Choose your color," you should have the option of Light, Dark, and Custom. Some browsers and websites even respect your Windows 10 dark/light interface choice.

  • Better Screen Capture Tool – Hitting ‘Windows Key-Shift-S’ now lets you select an area for screen captures, whether that’s a rectangular area using the cross-hairs icon, the full screen, or current window. Once you’ve snapped the screenshot, you can do basic cropping and markup, and save or share the result. It’s a full replacement for your other third-party screen capture software.

  • Virtual Desktops and Timeline – Windows 10 finally brings the capability Mac users have enjoyed for years to Microsoft’s desktop operating system. It’s incredibly easy to use. Just click or tap the task-switching icon next to the Cortana search box in the taskbar. The task switching view now also reveals Timeline, which shows your browsing and app activities to get you easily back, if you allow it, of course.

  • Added Security – Windows 10 inherits the Secure Boot feature from Windows 8 and makes it even more secure. This requires that any code that runs right when the OS starts is signed by Microsoft or the hardware maker. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 PCs can be set up so that this feature cannot be bypassed. Three other security feature for Windows 10 are Device Guard, Microsoft Passport, and Windows Hello. More recently, Microsoft added both ransomware protection and exploit/threat protection.

  • Superfast Startup – Fast startup is a super important feature for business users, because well, you’re busy. And you don’t have time to sit and wait. There is comparison videos showing that Windows 10 starts up faster on a MacBook than macOS. And the Mac’s operating system has long been remarkably fast. Compared with Windows 7, the newer Microsoft OS leaves the older one in the dust.

If you haven’t been motivated to make the move to upgrade to Windows 10 yet, let this be the boost you’ve been looking for. Now is the time to upgrade, not only for all these great features, but to ensure continuity of operations and security once Windows 7 support ends in Jan 2020. If you need help upgrading your office’s systems to Windows 10, we are here to help! Contact us now to get started.

Read more on Windows 10 improvements at PCMag.com.

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