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The Real Value of IT Managed Services to CEOs

July 3rd, 2019 by admin

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The value of ‘managed’ or ‘outsourced IT services’ are many, but it comes down to risk vs. reward. Businesses are always trying to cut overhead while gaining revenue. It’s that delicate balance between output and earnings every CEO walks. And maintaining a secured, always-on IT infrastructure to run the business is a cornerstone of this dance. Asset allocation and IT resources are slow-burning but very important elements to consider. And many CEOs are choosing to outsource their IT staffing to get the best return on this important budget line-item. Consider these important benefits to help you decide.

  1. Expert IT Staff You Don’t Have to Manage - With ICX’s managed IT services you get access to our expertly trained and talented technology professionals who specialize in cybersecurity, network engineering, mobile device management, web, and email protection and setup, and more.
  2. Less Downtime - With IT managed services, CEOs enjoy more productive time and less downtime simply by having an outsourced IT partner constantly monitoring and applying fixes to concerns as they come up, not after they are impacting the business. Those pockets of downtime cause serious issues for employees and customers, and an outsourced IT team who is watching and waiting behind the scenes is the best way to avoid these costly and inconvenient outages. Whether it’s your network, firewall, internet, or individual computers, ICX’s expert team stays on top of everything providing true peace of mind for CEOs.
  3. Enhanced Cybersecurity Protection - Cybersecurity is a major concern for all internet-connected businesses today, and one of the easiest ways to create a more secure environment for customers and users is to apply security patches to software proactively. Regular hardware upgrades can also mitigate security concerns. Such as the latest Windows 10 upgrade for anyone still using Windows 7 – learn more now.
    These are all important things ICX manages for you and we will alert you when upgrades need to be made so you can make proactive decisions and not reactive fixes when problems are already on fire. Having access to our cybersecurity professionals has another added value, as these specialists are constantly monitoring for new threats and learning how to identify and combat them for you. This knowledge helps support your business in a way that it would be difficult for an internal team member managing everyone’s needs by themselves to do.
  4. Consistent IT Costs You Can Budget For - Not only does outsourcing your IT staffing needs come with all the above security protections, but it also reduces your full-time staffing and office space overhead while making all your IT expenses a fixed, easy-to-budget-for cost with our custom flat rate program. It’s not unusual for technology costs to balloon over time, as it can be difficult to predict the costs of outages or potential losses. When you utilize external IT managed services resources, you are organically gaining a continuity model for your business. Depending on the terms of your contract, your hardware and phone system may be covered — effectively reducing the risk of unexpected technology costs that could cause your leadership team to scramble to find funding or put off important purchases that support business growth. ICX bills managed services contracts on a fixed on-going monthly basis, which allows you to predict your technology spend over time with no surprises.
  5. High-Level On-Call Technical Expertise - The reality is, a full-time CIO may not be an option for many businesses. This important technology leader does everything from road mapping upgrades to pushing forward important technology projects. The problem is this an expensive position to staff and maintain due to the high-level of required experience and knowledge this position requires. As your IT managed services partner, ICX can help step into this skills gap by acting as project managers for major projects, offering quarterly meetings to review IT and business strategy and looking for process improvements throughout the organization. This is a hidden value you may not have considered when looking for a technology partner, but it’s an important one.
  6. Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning - Keeping your business up and running is the most important task for your managed IT services team and this includes letting them implement a full backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure you never experience data breaches or data loss which may impact your customers and their trust in doing business with you. Without a technology partner that can leverage their best practices from across multiple verticals, you may find that internal IT leaders are spending significant amounts of time on activities that may not contribute to a cohesive plan to support your business in the event of a disaster. Here at ICX, we are experienced at putting the right protections and planning in place to ensure you can quickly get back up and running should a true disaster strike.

Now that you see all the critical benefits of outsourcing your IT services needs, why wait? Request a full technology and infrastructure evaluation from our team and let’s talk about the best plan of action to get you up to speed and/or keep you moving forward without costly repairs, downtime, and risks to your businesses’ ability to perform for your customers. Contact us now at 904-208-2195 or email info@icxmsp.com today. We are here to help you do what you do best.

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