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The SMB Hurricane Disaster Recovery Checklist

August 14th, 2019 by admin

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As Floridians we face the challenges that hurricane season brings every year. So, after you’ve stocked supplies at home and serviced your generator, check that your business is also prepared should a big storm wreak havoc on your operations and ability to serve customers. Here are some important disaster recovery tips that every business should consider, not just for this season, for every season!

Disaster Recovery Checklist

  • Check recent backups on all PCs and servers. If you are an ICX customer, we have your backups secured so this one is covered.
    • Ensure your critical applications are cloud-based or have redundancy.
  • Train your managers and affected personnel on your disaster recovery plan and keep it updated.
  • Make sure that any site you/your end users go to has power generation, internet, and cell phone connectivity. This may mean you need to invest in your own backup generators to power business-critical equipment.
  • Check business and flood insurance policies and make sure you can access them in the event you cannot get into the office. Save important numbers in your mobile phone.
  • Create an evacuation plan and distribute it annually to all employees and include it in new employee training. Everyone must know about the safety features of the building, what happens to locks and access systems in power outage events, etc.
  • Have a prepared ‘outage’ notification ready to send to customers.
  • Maintain current employee contact lists and ensure all managers have them in the event the office is closed, and employees need to be notified.
    • Likewise, maintain a current vendor contact list so you can reach priority vendors quickly during a disaster.
    • Ensure managers know which vendors you prefer to use for emergency services and repairs

We hope this hurricane season passes us by without a major event. But just in case, take corrective action on any of these items that need your attention as soon as possible. In the event of a hurricane, ICX is ready to support you and your customers with additional support staff and increased resources to help with critical backup and recovery efforts.

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