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Tips to Make the Move to the Right IT Provider for Your Business

May 6th, 2020 by admin

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If you're browsing our blog and resources, you may be interested in making the switch to a new IT service provider. A lot of ICX's loyal clients have been through the process of evaluating new providers before finding the right fit with us, and it can be a stressful process. Here are a few simple tips to help you know if the right fit is right in front of you.

Businesses often change IT service providers for a few simple reasons. First, they've outgrown the capabilities and capacity of their current provider and need someone who can scale to grow with their business. Second, your current IT provider isn't communicating effectively and is not proactively working towards better solutions for you. After all, they are the IT experts; you have problems, and it's their job to come up with smart, affordable, proactive solutions. Third, perhaps your current IT needs are not being addressed. Or, you're looking for a more strategic and comprehensive approach to your IT needs. Maybe you used to have some in-house IT staff, and now you don't, so you need more help across new areas. Whatever the reason, there are some simple ways to evaluate your needs and the tools and resources a new IT managed services provider offers to see if the right synergy exists.

  1. Survey your employees, managers, and operations team and ask the tough questions about where their IT frustrations lie- after all, your IT service is ultimately working for them to help their day run more smoothly and their PCs hum without interruption.
  2. Align your goals across the organization and prioritize those needs by your businesses' objectives. This may mean addresses a lousy phone system first or deploying updated software – but whatever the concern, you should know when shopping around where your priorities are.
  3. Know your budget and try to align your expectations with the local market value of the services you are seeking. Also, look for a service provider who offers a cost per service on a monthly basis so you can scale up and down as you need to. This is often the best way to get the value you need out of your IT investment.

Once your decision is made, follow these important steps to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Follow the onboarding instructions from your new IT managed services provider and notify all employees about the switch and the timeline of the transition.
  • Notify relevant/impacted vendors about the switch – like your internet service provider, printer company, integrated apps, etc.
  • Share IT materials and guides integral to your business with your new IT service provider. You need to train them on your business so they can serve your needs adequately.
  • Re-define your emergency contact list and review your disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Your new provider should be up-to-speed on your disaster recovery plan and the important players.

Need help evaluating your company's current and future IT needs? Request a free consultation today at info@icxmsp.com. Let's talk through your current situation and concerns to find solutions that make sense for your growing organization.

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