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Why IT has Fallen Behind the Pace of Business

December 8th, 2016 by admin

Very few IT and business leaders feel that their organization is extremely nimble in responding to future business needs, according to a recent survey from Unisys Corporation. The resulting report, titled "Meeting the Demands of the Digital Generation: Get Good at Cloud Now!" indicates that it's critical for tech teams to re-examine IT processes and resources to better support a digital business model.

Today's users, findings show, highly value the cloud as an essential business driver. And while it's encouraging that most companies have migrated apps to public or private clouds (or both), it remains troubling that cyber-threats to data and systems outages remain a way of life for modern business users. "Collectively dubbed 'the digital generation,' this group has very specific requirements and perspective—and more so than previous generations," according to the report. "Having grown up in a digital world, they are used to instant response, accessing information and apps when they want, where they want, and how they want, regardless of technology … In the face of this new reality, IT leaders are realizing they need to transform and implement an adaptable, flexible software-defined infrastructure that is more nimble, scalable, and flexible, especially as the convergence of social, cloud, mobility, data analytics, internet of Things (IoT) and security creates new business models."

A total of 175 IT and business execs in the U.S. and Europe took part in the research, which was conducted for Unisys by IDG Research. - See more at: https://www.cioinsight.com/it-strategy/cloud-virtualization/slideshows/why-it-has-fallen-behind-the-pace-of-business.html#sthash.QRxYyDXo.dpuf

Source: https://www.cioinsight.com/it-strategy/cloud-virtualization/slideshows/why-it-has-fallen-behind-the-pace-of-business.html

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