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Managed IT Services Our comprehensive IT managed services solutions include Service Desk Support and Remote Management and Monitoring. Learn more now!

Service Desk Support

Our Service Desk Support covers all the following services for one low flat rate per month per device:

  • 24/7/365 Device Monitoring (Firewall Switches, Access Points, Desktops and Laptops)
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection (Webroot SecureAnywhere)
  • Microsoft Management
  • Third-Party Patch Management (Adobe, Java, Apple, Mozilla)
  • PC/Laptop Health Screening
  • Device Support and Problem Resolution
  • Application Management
  • Asset Management
  • Third-Party Technology Vendor Management
  • Does Not Include On-Site Technical Support

ICX operates a US-Based remote Service Desk Support center that is staffed 5 days a week from 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST. We do not outsource support. All support is handled from our Jacksonville, FL Network Operation Center by trained professionals.

Support highlights

  • Experienced, polite technical staff
  • Flat rate pricing (per site, per user or per device)
  • Real time alerts via email
  • Network/Device Monitoring

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Remote Management Monitoring Our ICX-RMM delivers industry-leading availability, performance and capacity monitoring capabilities by giving you the power to monitor more operating systems using more industry protocols than any other solution available.

ICX Remote Monitoring & Management (ICX-RMM) Tools feature industry–leading functionality to monitor the availability and performance of IP–enabled devices, including desktops, laptops, servers, printers, copiers and other network devices such as firewalls, routers and switches.

We provide a Single Comprehensive Console to monitor all of your networks and devices as well as alerts through our Professional Service Automation Platform. Using (PSA), email and text, ICX-RMM will alert the IT team to warnings or failures that occur on your networks.

Our ICX-RMM delivers industry-leading availability, performance and capacity monitoring capabilities by giving you the power to monitor more operating systems using more industry protocols than any other solution available. Unlike other solutions that are limited to reporting only up/down status, ICX-RMM shows whether a device is normal, failed, nearing failure, improperly configured, and disconnected or in a maintenance window, or not reporting data.

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Technology as a Service (TaaS) The TaaS program eliminates the steep upfront costs of buying new equipment and maintaining it. ICX's Technology as a Service program makes it easier than ever to keep your technology up-to-date and secure.

The technology it takes to run your business is extremely important, which is why we now offer an easy way to get all new computer, networking, and other office equipment for a low flat monthly fee per month per device. The TaaS program eliminates the steep upfront costs of buying new equipment and maintaining it. ICX’s Technology as a Service program makes it easier than ever to keep your technology up-to-date and secure. It was designed exclusively for growing businesses and is a competitively priced, all-inclusive offering that makes updating your equipment easier than ever.


With this set-it-and-forget-it program, ICX Managed Services will provide enterprise quality hardware, software, licensing, manufacturer extended on-site warranty, 48-hour replacement of failed devices, and ecofriendly decommissioning of end-of-life equipment for one low flat rate per month per device.

  • Avoid tedious maintenance of hardware, software, security, and licensing
  • Enjoy fast, efficient, standardized, secure hardware without the hassle of maintenance
  • For the life of the term, any defective or failed device will be replaced within 48-hours
  • Accidental Damage Protection on computers is included at no extra cost.
  • Get everything from computers to networking equipment and more through the TaaS program!

Boost your productivity and reduce downtime with the included expert support team to diagnose and repair problems as they occur.

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Cloud Services ICX provides a variety of secure cloud services including virtual server infrastructure through several premiere providers and Desktop as a Service to help your employees work from anywhere. Learn more now.

Virtual Server Infrastructure

We will evaluate your needs and use one of our secure cloud server solutions to create the perfect solution. We partner with Azure, AWS, dinCloud, CloudJumper, and TierPoint Private Cloud.

Hosted Applications

We offer secure, private cloud space for hosted applications such as ERPs or other proprietary apps.

Desktop as a Service

ICX’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution provides all the advantages of virtual desktop infrastructure, including remote worker support, with improved security and easier desktop management.

Additionally, our Desktop as a Service program provides additional cost savings by avoiding any significant upfront investment in computers, storage or network infrastructure. With our program, organizations pay no upfront costs and in fact, they only pay for the virtual desktops they use each month that we manage. We manage the back-end responsibilities of data storage, backups, security, and patches/upgrades. ICX also takes on all the back-end infrastructure costs and maintenance.

With Desktop as a Service, your operating systems run inside virtual machines on servers in a cloud provider's data center. All the necessary support infrastructure, including storage and network resources, also lives in the secured cloud. As with on-premises virtual desktops, ICX streams the virtual desktops over a network to the customer's endpoint devices (computers), where end users may access them through client software or a web browser.

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Office 365 Administration ICX handles everything to get your Office 365 solution deployed and manages your user's needs continuously to maintain continuity, security, and consistency.

ICX handles everything to get your Office 365 solution deployed and manages your user’s needs continuously to maintain continuity, security, and consistency. ICX also specializes in Office 365 migrations and handles all project management aspects of your transition. We will provide the management, monitoring, and reporting of your Office 365 environment so you don’t have to.

We handle:

  • Creating new Office 365 accounts
  • Disabling Office 365 Accounts
  • Resetting User Passwords
  • Changing a User Name
  • Editing mailbox permissions
  • Changing mailbox settings
  • Exporting mailbox to a PST file
  • And more!

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Disaster recovery is a critical piece of maintaining the security and integrity of any business. Learn how we can provide 'always on' backup security through our partnership with Datto.

Disaster recovery should be at the forefront of your business continuity planning. The reality is, today 90% of companies experience some form of downtime, which may result in loss of data, security, productivity, revenue and customer confidence. And an hour of downtime reportedly costs a small company $8,000, a medium-sized company $74,000, and a large enterprise up to $700,000.

That's why we proudly partner with Datto to provide the most powerful and flexible disaster recovery tools available. We deploy a variety of tools to ensure your computers, network, and data are backed-up continuously so recovery is fast and efficient. Using enterprise-grade functionality, Datto's solutions delivers all the functionality at a small-business friendly price. If you don't have a plan in place, now is the time to learn more!

Check out this Natural Disaster Survival Guide now!

Network Design & Implementation We handle your custom needs for network design and implementation using experienced network engineers to help design smart solutions that help you work better. Learn more now.

The data network is the backbone of every business, small and large. It is the pipeline of productivity that drives business success. Your staff needs to access mission-critical information by connecting to a reliable network. Users depend upon shared access to the internet, common secured storage, web-based applications, and cloud infrastructure.

Our engineers are experienced in the selection, design and implementation of many different network technologies. ICX has qualified engineers available to design enterprise caliber data networks with key deployment strategies that assist our clients in achieving optimal network performance and reliability.

Our Certified engineers will help design an infrastructure that supports your long-term goals and objectives.

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Managed Print Services Take printer headaches off your plate! With ICX Managed Print Services, we partner with Xerox to handle all the service, support, maintenance, supplies and more to make printing as simple as a convenient cost per page expense. Learn more now.

Let ICX handle all of your printer management tasks. Our MPS Solution Architects can build a tailored Managed Print Service Solution that fits the needs of your organization. We partner with the most respected equipment providers to offer best-in-class solutions.

Our service is typically all-inclusive; all service calls, parts, maintenance, supplies, and even the printer* in one convenient cost per page. Simplify the management of your organization's document production with a single agreement that covers pages printed, maintenance, services and all consumables. A solution that eliminates capital expenditures for equipment and the ability to claim your printing costs as operating expenses for tax purposes.

When you make ICX Managed Services your trusted IT partner, you won't have to look elsewhere for a simple, flexible way to meet your specific printing needs.

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Infrastructure & Compliance Assessments Meeting your industry's compliance needs is critical and we are here to help. Learn more about our infrastructure and compliance assessments and tools now.

Our assessment relationship begins with evaluating an organization's current state of technology, including infrastructure, line-of-business applications, IT management policies and procedures. We work to identify critical business processes, pain points and vulnerabilities, and from there we perform a threat analysis to determine business risks.

We take into consideration organizational culture, best practices, internal policies and procedures, and third-party compliance standards based on the organization's industry. This process allows us to provide a comprehensive review and perspective of the organization's state of technology and level of risk regarding data security, business continuity and compliance.

This becomes the foundational element of our relationship with our clients. From this point, we help build a Technology Road Map that aligns IT strategy and long-term business goals and objectives of the organization.

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