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Cut the Costs of Printing with Managed Print Services

November 16th, 2018 by admin

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Owning a printer for your business can be expensive. The constant cost of ink and paper alone can dig massive holes into your budget, while other costs like maintenance or buying replacement parts can make a printer worth far more trouble than they're worth. That's just talking about owning one printer. If you're a larger corporation you could be paying for all of the previously listed costs multiplied several times over. I'm sure you're wondering how you can reduce these costs and save your money for more significant things in your budget?

Well, the answer is simple – Managed Print Services. Our Managed Print Service is all-inclusive and covers service calls, parts, maintenance, supplies, and even the printer itself. By making the switch you'll change from the supply costs of ink, paper, and maintenance to a cost per page plan. Not to mention that our service removes capital expenditures for equipment so now you can claim your printing costs as operating expenses on your taxes.

We're sure you're starting to see the many benefits Managed Print Services has to offer and just how much your business can save overall. Don't let the chance to save pass you by, give ICX Managed Services a call and start saving money.

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